Mr. Chang




Stanley Yung


Quentin Lee,

Stanley Yung,

Koji Steven Sakai

Production Co.

Margin Films

Number 1 Serial Killer (Chink)

To all outward appearances, Eddy Tsai (Jason Tobin) is just your typical, average office drone. Working at an urban import/export business, Eddy fits into the background, ignores the inane office banter, excels at his tasks, and attracts the attention of his go-getting boss Mr. Chang (Tzi Ma). But it’s what’s roiling inside of Eddy that should give his co-workers pause: an ardent fan of notorious serial killer Ted Bundy, Eddy possesses an intense self-hatred of himself and his ethnic identity, a hatred formed by years of being called “chink” and “gook” and ridiculed by schoolmates for his Asian features, alleged martial arts skills, and culinary predilections.

Keeping his self-hatred in check well enough to get good grades, graduate from college and land a good-paying job, Eddy is offered a promotion by Mr. Chang, who brings in a winsome new hire from the Hong Kong office, Karena (Eugenia Yuan), who bonds with Eddy and throws his whole inner psyche into chaos. For the first time, the qualities that have branded him as a target and outsider — smart, quiet, hardworking, and shy — are seen as positives, and Eddy is trying to come to terms with his newly-conflicted feelings. But then, it already may be too late: having already off’ed the pretty office receptionist who spurned him and later, his own parents, Eddy is well on his way to emulating his idol Ted Bundy. And when he finds out that his benefactor, Mr. Chang, is carrying on an illicit affair with Karena, Eddy’s “soulmate”.